Class and Gender in Early English Literature

Class and Gender in Early English Literature

Edited by Britton J. Harwood and Gillian R. Overing
Distribution: World
Publication date: 05/22/1994
ISBN: 978-0-253-11649-9
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[The essays] focus on class and gender not only sheds new light on old texts but also stretches the boundaries of the critical modus operandi which is often applied to such literature." —Women’s Studies Network (UK) Association Newsletter

These dramatic new readings of Old and Middle English texts explore the rich theoretical territory at the intersection of class and gender, and highlight the interplay of the critic, methodology, and the medieval text.

Author Bio

BRITTON J. HARWOOD teaches at Miami University and is author of Piers Plowman and the Problem of Belief. GILLIAN R. OVERING is Professor of English at Wake Forest University and is author of Language, Sign, and Gender in beowulf and co-author of Landscape of Desire: Partial Stories of the Northern Medieval World.

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Table of Contents

Britton J. Harwood and Gillian R. Overing

Gender, Sexual Violence, and the Politics of War in the Old English Judith
Karma Lochrie

Wonfeax wale: Ideology and Figuration in the Sexual Riddles of the Exeter Book
John W. Tanke

Exile and the Semiosis of Gender in Old English Elegies
Helen T. Bennett

Class, Gender, Medieval Criticism, and Piers Plowman
David Aers

Construction of Class, Family, and Gender in Some Middle English Popular Romances
Harriet E. Hudson

Building Class and Gender into Chaucer’s Hous
Britton J. Harwood

Gender and Exchange in Piers Plowman
Clare A. Lees

The Pardoner’s Tale, the Pervert, and the Price of Order in Chaucer’s World
Allen J. Frantzen