Hebrews between Cultures

Hebrews between Cultures

Group Portraits and National Literature
Meir Sternberg
Distribution: World
Publication date: 04/22/1999
ISBN: 978-0-253-11328-3
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The Poetics of Biblical Narrative, Sternberg’s last book, established a new level of sophistication for biblical analysis. In Hebrews between Cultures, he shifts his focus from individual identity to the group, in this case the Hebrews. Sternberg’s analysis of the development in the Bible of the Hebrew identity (and alternate identities) is brilliant, challenging, intellectually rigorous and unusual, and almost always unexpected and dramatic.

Author Bio

Meir Sternberg is author of The Poetics of Biblical Narrative and other books and numerous articles.

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Table of Contents

The Hebrews in the "Hebrew" Bible: Culture-Blindness, Crosscultural Romance, Intercultural Poetics
Heterocultural (Mis)Representation in Inverted Commas: Outsiders at Name-Calling
Proteus in Culture-Land: Stereotypes, Metastereotypes, and Idolatry
The Translated Self in Adverse Encounter
Intergroup Dramas in the Secret Life
Dissonant Discourse, National Discord: Echoing Outgroup Parlance at In-Fighting
Slave Law: Outside Parallel and Internal Process
In-Group Servitude Between Yes and No: The Law’s Rhetoric of Deterrence
Law, Narrative, and the Poetics of Genesis