Race and Racism in Continental Philosophy

Race and Racism in Continental Philosophy

Robert Bernasconi, Sybol Cook
Distribution: World
Publication date: 06/18/2003
ISBN: 978-0-253-11067-1
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The 15 original essays in Race and Racism in Continental Philosophy explore the resources that continental philosophy brings to debates about contemporary race theory and investigate the racism of some of Europe’s most important thinkers. Attention is devoted to the influence of the work of W. E. B. Du Bois, Jean-Paul Sartre, Richard Wright, and Frantz Fanon. Questions about race in European philosophy—especially in the work of Nietzsche, Heidegger, Lévi-Strauss, and Arendt—are also considered. This volume provides an indispensable critical introduction to new perspectives on thinking about race and racism.

Author Bio

Robert Bernasconi is Moss Professor of Philosophy at the University of Memphis. He is author of two books on Heidegger and numerous articles on continental philosophy, political philosophy, and race theory. He is the editor of Race and co-editor (with Tommy Lott) of The Idea of Race. His books with Indiana University Press include Re-reading Levinas and Emmanuel Levinas: Basic Philosophical Writings.

Sybol Cook is a Provost's Distinguished Pre-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Memphis.

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Table of Contents

Preliminary Table of Contents:

Introduction Robert Bernasconi
1. Negroes Alain David
2. "One Far Off Divine Event": "Race" and a Future History in Du Bois Kevin Thomas Miles
3. Douglass and Du Bois's Der Schwartze Volksgeist Ronald R. Sundstrom
4. On the Use and Abuse of Race in Philosophy: Nietzsche, Jews, and Race Jacqueline Scott
5. Heidegger and Race Sonia Sikka
6. Ethos and Ethnos: An Introduction to Eric Voegelin's Critique of European Racism David J. Levy
7. Tropiques and Suzanne Césaire: The Expanse of Negritude and Surrealism T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting
8. Losing Sight of the Real: Recasting Merleau-Ponty in Fanon's critique of Mannoni Nigel Gibson
9. Fanon Reading (W)right, the (W)right Reading of Fanon: Race, Modernity, and the Fate of Humanism Lou Turner
10. Alienation and Its Double, Or the Secretion of Race Kelly Oliver
11. (Anti-Semitic) Subject, Liberal In/Tolerance, Universal Politics: Sartre Re-petitioned Erik Vogt
12. Sartre and the Social Construction of Race Donna Marcano
13. The Interventions of Culture: Claude Lévi-Strauss, Race, and the Critique of Historical Time Kamala Visweswaran
14. All Power to the People! Hannah Arendt's Theory of Communicative Action in a Racialized Democracy Joy James
15. Beyond Black Orpheus: Preliminary Thoughts on the Good of African Philosophy Jason M. Wirth
Appendix: L'Homme de Coleur Léopold Sédar Senghor