German History from the Margins

German History from the Margins

Neil Gregor, Nils Roemer and Mark Roseman
Distribution: World
Publication date: 06/14/2006
ISBN: 978-0-253-11195-1
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German History from the Margins offers new ways of thinking about ethnic and religious minorities and other outsiders in modern German history. Many established paradigms of German history are challenged by the contributors’ new and often provocative findings, including evidence of the striking cosmopolitanism of Germany’s 19th-century eastern border communities; German Jewry’s sophisticated appropriation of the discourse of tribe and race; the unexpected absence of antisemitism in Weimar’s campaign against smut; the Nazi embrace of purportedly "Jewish" sexual behavior; and post-war West Germany’s struggles with ethnic and racial minorities despite its avowed liberalism. Germany’s minorities have always been active partners in defining what it is to be German, and even after 1945, despite the legacy of the Nazis’ murderous destructiveness, German society continues to be characterized by ethnic and cultural diversity.

Author Bio

Neil Gregor is Reader in Modern German History at the University of Southampton.

Nils Roemer is Lecturer in Jewish History at the James Parkes Centre, University of Southampton.

Mark Roseman holds the Pat M. Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies at Indiana University.

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Table of Contents

Introduction Neil Gregor, Nils Roemer, and Mark Roseman
1. Germans of the Jewish Stamm: Visions of Community between Nationalism and Particularism, 1850 to 1933 Till van Rahden
2. Identity and Essentialism: Race, Racism, and the Jews at the Fin de Siècle Yfaat Weiss
3. Prussia at the Margins, or the World That Nationalism Lost Helmut Walser Smith
4. Völkisch-Nationalism and Universalism on the Margins of the Reich: A Comparison of Majority and Minority Liberalism in Germany, 1898<N>1933 Eric Kurlander
5. "Volksgemeinschaften unter sich": German Minorities and Regionalism in Poland, 1918<N>39 Winson Chu
6. A Margin at the Center: The Conservatives in Lower Saxony between Kaiserreich and Federal Republic Frank Bösch
7. "Black-Red-Gold Enemies": Catholics, Socialists, and Jews in Elementary Schoolbooks from Kaiserreich to Third Reich Katharine Kennedy
8. "Productivist" and "Consumerist" Narratives of Jews in German History Gideon Reuveni
9. How "Jewish" is German Sexuality? Sex and Antisemitism in the Third Reich Dagmar Herzog
10. Defeated Germans and Surviving Jews: Gendered Encounters in Everyday Life in U.S.-Occupied Germany, 1945<N>49 Atina Grossmann
11. Afro-German Children and the Social Politics of Race after 1945 Heide Fehrenbach
12. The Difficult Task of Managing Migration: The 1973 Recruitment Stop Karen Schönwälder
13. How and Where Is German History Centered? Geoff Eley