Musical Cultures in Seventeenth-Century Russia

Musical Cultures in Seventeenth-Century Russia

Jensen, Claudia R.
Distribution: World
Publication date: 10/05/2009
Format: Hardback 10 b&w illus., 27 music exx.
ISBN: 978-0-253-35354-2
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Winner, University of Southern California Book Prize in Literary and Cultural Studies, ASEEES

Claudia R. Jensen presents the first unified study of musical culture in the court and church of Muscovite Russia. Spanning the period from the installation of Patriarch Iov in 1589 to the beginning of Peter the Great's reign in 1694, her book offers detailed accounts of the celebratory musical performances for Russia's first patriarch—events that were important displays of Russian piety and power. Jensen emphasizes music's varied roles in Muscovite society and the equally varied opinions and influences surrounding it. In an attempt to demystify what has previously been an enigma to Western readers, she paints a clear picture of the dazzling splendor of musical performances and the ways in which 17th-century Muscovites employed music for spiritual enlightenment as well as entertainment.

Author Bio

Claudia R. Jensen has published articles on Russian music in The Musical Quarterly and Journal of the American Musicological Society. She is editor (with Miloš Velimirovi) of Nikolai Findeizen's History of Music in Russia from Antiquity to 1800 (IUP, 2007).

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Table of Contents

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Introduction: The New Patriarch
1. The True False Dmitrii and the Death of Music in Moscow
2. "Wondrous singers and exceptional voices": Singers and Singing in Muscovy
3. "Sweet and harmonious singing": Domestic Singers and Domestic Singing
4. Tavern and Wedding: The Instrumental Traditions at the Muscovite Court
5. Nikolai Diletskii: Language and Imagery in Muscovite Music Theory
6. The Muscovite Court Theater
Epilogue: Reversing Our Gaze: A Case Study


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