A Guide to Caves and Karst of Indiana

A Guide to Caves and Karst of Indiana

Samuel Frushour, Julian Lewis and Salisa Lewis, Indiana Geological Survey and Samuel Frushour
Distribution: World
Publication date: 05/03/2012
Format: Paperback 45 color illus., 15 b&w illus.
ISBN: 978-0-253-00096-5
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Whether you are planning a visit to one of Indiana’s tourist caves, looking to explore some of the state’s wild caves, or just curious about Indiana underground, this compact and comprehensive field guide is the place to start. It explains how caves are created, the different geological features to be seen in them, and the types of animals that inhabit them. There is also plenty of practical information about safety and cave etiquette, equipment and caving organizations, as well as descriptions of individual caves and their history. The guide also includes a brief directory to help connect you with other cave enthusiasts—and their knowledge and experience. For those whose interests lie above ground, there are descriptions of the karst features that are such a prominent part of the Indiana landscape and how these features provide clues to what lies beneath.

Author Bio

Samuel S. Frushour is retired Head of the Field Services Section of the Indiana Geological Survey.


“The author of this manuscript, Sam Frushour, is one of the living legends in Indiana caving. Similarity, Jerry Lewis, the primary author of the Cave Fauna section is the definitive expert on cave biota in Indiana. ”
 — John Bassett, Licensed Professional Geologist

“This book fills an educational gap between the scientific community and the interested public and will attract the attention of archaeologists, biologists, geographers, geologists, and historians. It will also be very useful to members of the National Speleological Society, the Cave Research Foundation, regional caving organizations (i.e., grottos), the advocational caving community (i.e., spelunkers), and the general public, especially those who enjoy visiting commercial caves, which are highlighted in this book. ”
 — Dr. Kenneth B. Tankersley, Department of Anthropology, University of Cincinnati

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