Learning, Teaching, and Musical Identity

Learning, Teaching, and Musical Identity

Voices across Cultures
Lucy Green, edited by Lucy Green
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 03/30/2011
ISBN: 978-0-253-00088-0
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Musical identity raises complex, multifarious, and fascinating questions. Discussions in this new study consider how individuals construct their musical identities in relation to their experiences of formal and informal music teaching and learning. Each chapter features a different case study situated in a specific national or local socio-musical context, spanning 20 regions across the world. Subjects range from Ghanaian or Balinese villagers, festival-goers in Lapland, and children in a South African township to North American and British students, adults and children in a Cretan brass band, and Gujerati barbers in the Indian diaspora.

Author Bio

Lucy Green is Professor of Music Education at the University of London Institute of Education and author of Music, Informal Learning and the School: A New Classroom Pedagogy and How Popular Musicians Learn: A Way Ahead for Music Education.


“Featuring different case studies situated in a specific national or local socio-musical context, discussions consider how individuals construct their musical identities in relation to their experiences of formal and informal music teaching and learning.”

“A truly exciting opportunity for music education . . . which draws from international sources and focuses on identity in music learning, an issue that has just begun to emerge in the literature of the field.”
 — Jackie Wiggins, Oakland University

“Green allows readers to journey to an isolated culture, for example, Lapland, or to a cyberspace island, and contemplate their own musical identity as they work out their educational philsoophy. . . . Highly recommended. ”
 — Choice

“[T]his collection is a very worthy addition to the growing literature on global music education. It will be useful as both a scholarly and pedagogical resource, and will likely inspire much future work in this still nascent but vibrant field. ”
 — Popular Music

“Green invites twenty authors from all corners of the globe to contribute evidence based research to this book . . . From these fascinating, highly readable accounts, Green pulls out some emerging issues which have important messages for music educators. 7/22/11”
 — Teaching Music

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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Globalization and Localization of Learning, Teaching, and Musical Identity / Lucy Green
1. The Permeable Classroom: Learning, Teaching, and Musical Identity in a Remote Australian Aboriginal Homelands School / Kathryn Marsh
2. Popular Music Listening as "Non-Resistance": The Cultural Reproduction of Musical Identity in Japanese Families / Kyoko Koizumi
3. From Homeland to Hong Kong: The Dual Musical Experience and Identity of Diasporic Filipino Women / Annie On Nei Mok
4. Village, Province, and Nation: Aspects of Identity in Children's Learning of Music and Dance in Bali / Peter Dunbar-Hall
5. Music for a Postcolonial Child: Theorizing Malaysian Memories / Roe-Min Kok
6. Continuity and Change: The Guru-Shishya Relationship in Karnatic Classical Music Training / Sophie Grimmer
7. "Music Is in Our Blood": Gujarati Muslim Musicians in the UK / John Baily
8. Greek Popular Music and the Construction of Musical Identities by Greek-Cypriot School Children / Avra Pieridou-Skoutella
9. Music-Learning and the Formation of Local Identity through the Philharmonic Society Wind Bands of Corfu / Zoe Dionyssiou
10. Playing with Barbie: Exploring South African Township Children's Musical Games as Resources for Pedagogy / Susan Harrop-Allin
11. Personal, Local, and National Identities in Ghanaian Performance Ensembles / Trevor Wiggins
12. Music Festivals in the Lapland Region: Constructing Identities through Musical Events / Sidsel Karlsen
13. Shaping a Music Teacher Identity in Sweden / Eva Georgii-Hemming
14. Icelandic Men and Their Identity in Songs and in Singing / Robert Faulkner
15. Discovering and Affirming Musical Identity through Extracurricular Music-Making in English Secondary Schools / Stephanie Pitts
16. Scottish Traditional Music: Identity and the "Carrying Stream" / Charles Byrne
17. Performance, Transmission, and Identity among Ireland's New Generation of Tradi