American Folklore and the Mass Media

American Folklore and the Mass Media

Linda Dégh
Distribution: World
Publication date: 2/1/1994
ISBN: 978-0-253-11660-4
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“This book shows how folklore—magic, miracles, and tales of enchanted princesses and genial giants—is still alive and well in the modern mass media. . . . contains a wealth of facts and observations with which to conjure.” —Journal of Communication

“Dégh brings her decades of expertise in folk narrative to bear in this well-researched, provocative study of the interrelationship between traditional processes of folk narrative performances and modern mass media. . . . Highly recommended . . . ” —Choice

“Spanning folk cultural developments as old as feudalism and as new as today’s TV ad, American Folklore and the Mass Media demonstrates how vital folklore remains, how often it absorbs—rather than being absorbed by—the most dramatic technological innovations and social realignments.” —Carl Lindahl

“. . . all six essays are meaty and informative contributions to vital folkloric issues . . .” —Contemporary Legend

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Table of Contents


The Varient and the Folklorization Process in the Basic Forms of Narration: Marchen and Legend

Magic for Sale: Marchen and Legend in TV Advertising

Magic as a Mail-Order Commodity

Beauty, Wealth, and Power: Career Choices for Women in Folktales, Fairy Tales, and Modern Media

Tape-Recording Miracles for Everyday Living: The Ethnography of a Pentecostal Community

Letters to the Dead

Appendix: Sample Texts of In-Memoriam Advertisments