Peirce, Semeiotic and Pragmatism

Peirce, Semeiotic and Pragmatism

Essays by Max H. Fisch
Kenneth Ketner and Christian Kloesel
Distribution: World
Publication date: 10/22/1986
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-253-34317-8
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This volume is a scholarly collection of massive biographical detail, much of which is being revealed for the first time." —Isis

A selection of Fisch’s most important articles on these topics is presented here in a convenient format, including revisions and updating and a complete bibliography of Fisch’s published writings.

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Table of Contents

Forms of Reference

1 Charles Sanders Peirce (1939)
2 Justice Holmes, the Prediction Theory of Law, and Pragmatism (1942)
3 Evolution in American Philosophy (1947)
4 Peirce at the Johns Hopkins University (1952)
5 Alexander Bain and the Genealogy of Pragmatism (1954)
6 Some General Characteristics of American Philosophy (1960)
7 A Chronicle of Pragmaticism, 1865-1879 (1965)
8 Philosophical Clubs in Cambridge and Boston (1964-65)
9 Peirces’ Triadic Logic (1966)
10 Peirce’s Progress from Nominalism toward Realism (1967)
11 Vico and Pragmatism (1969)
12 Peirce’s Arisbe: The Greek Influence in His Later Philosophy (1971)
13 Peirce and Leibniz (1972)
14 Hegel and Peirce (1974)
15 American Pragmatism Before and After 1898 (1977)
16 Peirce’s Place in American Thought (1977)
17 Peirce’s General Theory of Signs (1978)
18 Just How General Is Peirce’s General Theory of Signs? (1983)
19 The "Proof" of Pragmatism (1981)
20 Peirce as Scientist, Mathematician, Historian, Logician, and Philosopher (1976)
21 Peirce’s Place in American Life (1982)
22 The Range of Peirce’s Relevance (1983)