The Young Heidegger

The Young Heidegger

Rumor of the Hidden King
John Van Buren
Distribution: World
Publication date: 11/22/1994
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-253-36202-5
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... a major contribution to Heidegger scholarship..." —Journal of the History of Behavioral Sciences

Van Buren’s portrayal of these formative years is striking and vital to all future Heidegger scholarship." —Christian Century

Van Buren presents a clear and cogent argument for the theory that Martin Heidegger’s mature thought, epitomized in Being and Time, actually was a return to his youthful theory and concerns.... Van Buren’s ability to present a rounded discussion while using Heidegger’s own technical vocabulary is highly commendable." —Library Journal

... here at last is a work on the philosopher that is of fundamental philosophical-historical import. Van Buren’s book is both interesting and well written... " —Choice

... a readable, interesting, and first-rate book." —John D. Caputo

A startling new reading of Martin Heidegger’s early thought leading up to Being and Time (1927) and its subsequent development in his later writings.

Author Bio

JOHN VAN BUREN is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University. He is co-editor of Reading Heidegger from the Start: Essays in His Earliest Thought and The Early Heidegger: New Texts and translator of Martin Heidegger, Ontology (Hermeneutics of Facticity).

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Table of Contents

I. The Matter of Heidegger’s Thinking
1 Heidegger’s Autobiographies
2 Figuring the Matter Out
II. The Student Years
3 Curricula Vitae
4 Ontologic
5 Heterology
6 Mysticism, Ontotheology, Antimodernism
III. The End of Philosophy
7 Demythologizing Metaphysics
8 Primal Christianity
9 Husserl
10 Aristotle
IV. New Beginnings
11 The Questionableness of Being
12 It Worlds for Me
13 Ereignis
14 The Mystery of All Life
15 Indications of Ethics
16 Reinscribing Heidegger