Penrod and Sam

Penrod and Sam

Booth Tarkington, illustrated by Worth Brehm
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 05/15/2003
Format: Hardback 8 figures
ISBN: 978-0-253-34228-7
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In Penrod and Sam, the imaginative adventures of Tarkington’s 10-year-old Penrod Schofield continue. Penrod’s sidekick is Samuel Williams, and together they improvise, causing general mischief and disorder wherever they go. In picaresque fashion, a fencing battle takes them all through the neighborhood; they narrowly escape serious injury while making boastful demonstrations with a loaded gun; they indulge in dubious "’nishiation" practices for their secret society; they steal food for the starving horse concealed in the Schofields’ empty stable; they attempt to fish a cat out of a cistern using a pair of trousers; and they cause general chaos at Miss Amy Rennsdale’s dance. Familiar characters from the earlier Penrod volume—Maurice Levy, Georgie Basset, Roddy Bitts, Herman and Verman, and Marjorie Jones—make their appearance in Penrod and Sam. This is a delightfully nostalgic look at Tarkington’s turn-of-the-century Indiana.


“Continues the adventures of the irrepressible Penrod Schofield in a delightfully nostalgic look at turn-of-the-century Indiana. ”

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