Ecological Feminist Philosophies

Ecological Feminist Philosophies

Edited by Karen J. Warren
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 06/22/1996
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-21029-6
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Here feminist philosophers and ecofeminist scholars pursue the connections between
feminism and environmentalism. Topics include the ecofeminist ethic; the role of
patriarchal concepts in perpetuating the domination of women and nature; the
grassroots origins and character of a thoughtful ecofeminism; the "ecofeminism-deep
ecology debate" in environmental philosophy; deep ecological treatment of animal
rights and the omission of ecofeminist analyses of the domination of animals, abortion, and nuclear deterrence;
and ways ecofeminism and the science of ecology are or could be engaged in complementary, supportive projects.

The contributors are Carol J. Adams, Carol H. Cantrell, Jim Cheney, Chris Cuomo, Deane Curtin, Victoria Davion, Roger J. H. King, Stephanie Lahar, Patricia Jagentowicz Mills, Patrick D. Murphy, Val Plumwood, Catherine Roach, Robert Sessions, Deborah Slicer, and Karen J. Warren.

Author Bio

KAREN J. WARREN is Chair of the Philosophy Department at Macalester College and co-author, with Jim Cheney, of Ecological Feminism.


““. . . an important collection of essays for scholars interested in feminism, environmentalism, or both. . . . This is a good resource for anyone who teaches ethics, feminism, or environmental issues.” —Teaching in Philosophy Here feminist philosophers and ecofeminist scholars pursue the connections between feminism and environmentalism. Topics include the ecofeminist ethic, the “ecofeminism–deep ecology debate” in environmental philosophy, animal rights, abortion, nuclear deterrence, and much more.”

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Table of Contents

1. Acknowledgments
2. Karen J. Warren—Ecological Feminist Philosophies: An Overview of the Issues
3. Stephanie Lahar—Ecofeminist Theory and Grassroots Politics
4. Karen J. Warren—The Power and the Promise of Ecological Feminism
5. Christine Cuomo—Toward Thoughtful Ecofeminist Activism
6. Catherine Roach—Loving Your Mother: On The Woman-Nature Relationship
7. Deane Curtin—Toward An Ecological Ethic of Care
8. Roger J. H. King—Caring About Nature: Feminist Ethics and the Environment
9. Deborah Slicer—Your Daughter or Your Dog?
10. Carol J. Adams—Ecofeminism and the Eating of Animals
11. Robert Sessions—Deep Ecology versus Ecofeminism: Healthy Differences or Incompatible Philosophies?
12. Val Plumwood—Nature, Self, and Gender: Feminism, Environmental Philosophy, and the critique of Rationalism
13. Victoria Davion—When Lives Become Logic Problems: Nuclear Deterrence, an Ecological Feminist Critique
14. Carol Cantrell—Women and Language in Susan Griffin’s Woman and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her
15. Patricia Jagentowicz Mills—Feminism and Ecology: On the Domination of Nature
16. Patrick Murphy—Ground, Pivot, Motion: Ecofeminist Theory, Dialogics, and Literary Practice
17. Karen J. Warren and Jim Cheney—Ecological Feminism and Ecosystem Ecology