Revolutionary Ethiopia

Revolutionary Ethiopia

From Empire to People's Republic
Keller, Edmond J.
Distribution: World
Publication date: 02/22/1989
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-20646-6
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... an excellent, comprehensive account of the Ethiopian revolution... essential for anyone who wishes to understand revolutionary Ethiopia." —Perspective

This masterly history deals with the Emperor and the Dergue... on their own terms.... [Keller] buttresses his analysis with careful and useful detail." —Foreign Affairs

Keller's analytic grasp of the complex features of Ethiopian history and society from a wide range of sources is remarkable." —African Affairs

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Table of Contents

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Introduction: Revolutionary Ethiopia

Part One: Toward a Theory of the Revolutionary Transformation of the Ethiopian Empire

Chapter I Ethiopia as a Bureaucratic Empire
Chapter II The Structure of Politics
Chapter III Policy and the Politics of Survival in the Absolutist State
Chapter IV The Political Economy of a Modernizing Bureaucratic Empire

Part Two: The Genesis of Revolution

Chapter V Development and Social Contradictions, The Seeds of Revolution
Chapter VI Politics, Economics, and Class Conflict, The Precipitating Causes of Revolution

Part Three: Revolution in the Revolution: The Dilemmas of the New Order

Chapter VII The Quest for a New Social Myth
Chapter VIII Socialism from Above?, Power Consolidation in a "Soft State"
Chapter IX Toward Economic Socialization
Chapter X Feudalism Is Dead! Long Live Dependence!