A Method for the Flute

A Method for the Flute

Jean-Louis Tulou
Translated and Edited by Janice Dockendorff Boland and Martha F. Cannon. Preface by Janice Dockendorff Boland
Distribution: World
Publication date: 6/1/1995
Format: paper 144 pages
8.5 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-253-20919-1
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“Each of the musical works has a duet part so the teacher can accompany the student with steady rhythm, good pitch, and interpretive guidance. Fingering and trill charts are provided for flutes of up to 13 keys. The progressive and thoughtful organization of this method makes it useful to teachers of any model of transverse flute—useful even with beginning students.” —The Flute Network

Jean-Louis Tulou’s 1855 method for playing the pre-Boehm wooden flute and an excellent source of early nineteenth-century French performance practices.

Author Bio

JANICE DOCKENDORFF BOLANDteaches at Cornell College and Coe College. A concert artist, she specializes in the performance of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century music on period flutes. MARTHA F. CANNON is Professor Emerita of French at Coe College. She has played cello in a string quartet, in a chamber orchestra, and with the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra.

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Table of Contents


A Method for the Flute
Tone Quality
Position of the Embouchure
How the Flute is Put Together
Tone Production
Left Hand Position
Right Hand Position
Position of the Body
Position of the Flute
Low D
Table for the D Major Scale
Etude on the D Major Scale Using the Simple Fingering System
Simple Fingerings
Tone Production
The Little Keys
The Chromatic Scale
Chromatic Scale Table with Sharps or Flats
Turns [Trilles]
Notes Sensibles [Sensitive Notes or Leading Tones]
Compound Fingerings and Etudes
The C Foot and the B Foot
The Perfect Flute
Table of Notes Sensibles [Leading Tones] Using Compound Fingerings
Table of Trills
Study of Major Scales
Progressive Etudes
Simple Fingerings
Exercises for the Simple Fingerings
The Double Tongue