Kant and the New Philosophy of Religion

Kant and the New Philosophy of Religion

Chris Firestone and Stephen Palmquist
Distribution: World
Publication date: 02/21/2006
Format: Paperback 2 figures, 1 index
ISBN: 978-0-253-21800-1
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While earlier work has emphasized Kant’s philosophy of religion as thinly disguised morality, this timely and original reappraisal of Kant’s philosophy of religion incorporates recent scholarship. In this volume, Chris L. Firestone, Stephen R. Palmquist, and the other contributors make a strong case for more specific focus on religious topics in the Kantian corpus. Main themes include the relationship between Kant’s philosophy of religion and his philosophy as a whole, the contemporary relevance of specific issues arising out of Kant’s philosophical theology, and the relationship of Kant’s philosophy to Christian theology. As a whole, this book capitalizes on contemporary movements in Kant studies by looking at Kant not as an anti-metaphysician, but as a genuine seeker of spirituality in the human experience.

Author Bio

Chris L. Firestone is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Trinity International University. He has written many articles on religious dimensions in Kant.

Stephen R. Palmquist is Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Hong Kong Baptist University. His work includes Kant’s Critical Religion: Volume 2 of Kant’s System of Perspectives and many articles on Kant, Christianity, and Buddhism.

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Table of Contents

Foreword Michel Despland
List of Abbreviations
Editors' Introduction

Part 1. Philosophical Foundations for Kantian Theology
1. The Tree of Melancholy: Kant on Philosophy and Enthusiasm Gregory R. Johnson
2. Kant on the Rational Instability of Atheism John E. Hare
3. Overcoming Deism: Hope Incarnate in Kant's Rational Religion Christopher McCammon
4. The Anatomy of Truth: Literary Modes as a Kantian Model for Understanding the Openness of Knowledge and Morality to Faith Gene Fendt

Part 2. Theological Applications for Kantian Religion
5. Reading Kant through Theological Spectacles Philip J. Rossi
6. Kant's Prototypical Theology: Transcendental Incarnation as a Rational Foundation for God-Talk Nathan Jacobs
7. Making Sense Out of Tradition: Theology and Conflict in Kant's Philosophy of Religion Chris L. Firestone
8. Kant and Kierkegaard on the Need for a Historical Faith: An Imaginary Dialogue Ronald M. Green

Part 3. Religious Instantiations of Kantian Philosophy
9. Kant and "A Theodicy of Protest" Elizabeth C. Galbraith
10. A Kantian Model for Religions of Deliverance Charles F. Kielkopf
11. Kant's Approach to Religion Compared with Quakerism Leslie Stevenson
12. Philosophers in the Public Square: A Religious Resolution of Kant's Conflict Stephen R. Palmquist with an appendix coauthored by Richard W. Mapplebeckpalmer