Invisible Presence

Invisible Presence

A Walk through Indiana in Photographs and Poems
Photographs by Darryl D. Jones, Poems by Norbert Krapf
Foreword by Scott Russell Sanders
Distribution: World
Publication date: 5/24/2006
Format: cloth 288 pages, 135 color photos
9 x 4
ISBN: 978-0-253-34753-4
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Author Norbert Krapf is the regional winner of the 2014 Indiana Authors Award
“After spending a few hours in the pages of Invisible Presence, I can see once more beyond the familiar to the miraculous.” —Scott Russell Sanders, from the foreword

In this surprising collection of photographs, acclaimed photographer Darryl D. Jones departs from his usual crisp, highly detailed, panoramic Indiana scenes. Here, Jones has masterfully crafted a series of photographs using processes called “Polaroid emulsion manipulation” and “Polaroid transfer” to create scenes more reminiscent of impressionistic paintings. Invisible Presence includes well over 100 images from a wide range of locations, subjects, and seasons in Indiana. Each image is appropriately accompanied by Norbert Krapf’s descriptive poetry.

Author Bio

Darryl D. Jones is an accomplished photographer and author of many books, including Indianapolis (IUP, 1994) and Amish Life (IUP, 2005). He lives in Freedom, Indiana.

Norbert Krapf is Emeritus Professor of English and Poet Laureate at the C.W. Post Campus, Long Island University. His books of poems include The Country I Come From, a Pulitzer Prize nominee, and Looking for God’s Country. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.


"Invisible Presence is the kind of book that satisfies on two levels: it is an aesthetically pleasing collection of artfully manipulated photographs that grace the pages like impressionist works; and it is a gathering of eloquent, sometimes spare poetic meditations which enhance these visions." —Book/Mark

"This is a gorgeously rich book, a seamless collaboration capturing the spiritual undercurrent that flows through the fields, woods, and towns of Indiana, and in a greater sense, around us all." —Spindrifter

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Table of Contents


Foreword by Scott Russell Sanders

I. Along Roads

1. Gate
2. The Language of Red
3. Corn Blowing in the Wind
4. Someplace Good
5. Curve in the Road
6. Shady Curve
7. Shady Road
8. On Wide Waters
9. Straight Road
10. Under Crimson Leaves
11. The Blue Road
12. Crest of the Hill

II. Into the Fields
1. Pasture Scene
2. Space Between
3. The Sound
4. Horse & Tree
5. Field of Motion
6. Woman on a Horse
7. Sylvia Plath's Ride
8. Fog & Mist
9. Change
10. Bovine Beauty
11. Corn Syllables
12. Hay Bale Cycle
13. Hay Bales of the World
14. John Deere
15. Cut Earth
16. Dark Clouds
17. Goldenrod
18. Cottontail
19. Sky Fire
20. Ice Trees
21. Ethereal Smoke Ring

III. Into the Woods
1. New Leaves
2. Jack in the Pulpit
3. Morel
4. Dappled Leaves
5. Cabin
6. Pickup
7. Walking in Woods
8. Whitman's Web
9. From Above
10. Deaton's Woods
11. Woods Meditation
12. A Few Dry Leaves
13. Tree Vision
14. Faith
15. Winter Tree
16. David Ignatow's Trees
17. Bare Tree Song

IV. In the Barnyard
1. Pump
2. Tale of the Red Barn
3. Midwestern Scene
4. Leaning Barn
5. Barn Secrets
6. Red Tractor
7. Barnyard Moral
8. Boy on Horse
9. Two Kittens
10. In an Eye
11. Cattle Stare Down
12. American Dream
13. Circles & Lines
14. Freudian Quiz
15. New Kingdom
16. Red Barn for the Joads
17. What's in Wood?

V. In the Garden
1. Over the Footbridge
2. I Remember When
3. Baby Bird Flowers
4. Georgia O'Keeffe's Flowers
5. Blake's Vision
6. Close Look
7. Siamese Eyes
8. In Defense of the Zinnia
9. Emily Dickinson's Inebriation
10. Anne Bradstreet's Garden
11. Flower Interior
12. Emerson's Rhodora
13. Angle
14. Robert Frost's Heal-all
15. Dark Blue
16. Rilke's Shadows
17. Low to the Ground
18. Army of Orange
19. Cockscombs & Mums
20. Gold Leaf
21. Red Berries

VI. Into Town
1. Old Brick House
2. Left in a House
3. Mystery
4. What if Fish?
5. Footprint
6. What Would You Say?
7. Design for a Deck
8. Dog Still Life
9. For Whom the Bells
10. Ice Cream Altar
11. Picket Fence
12. Iron Fence
13. Light
14. Rest
15. Walking the Streets
16. Windows
17. Bouquet of Light
18. Candles
19. Neighborhood Muse
20. Man in Red Hat
21. The Country Fair Queen Speaks
22. Viaduct
23. I Buy Red
24. Field Sculpture
25. Court House Bench
26. Hoosier Poetry Reading

VII. Along the Water
1. Steamboat
2. Dock Test
3. Boy, Dog, River
4. Fish Story Competition
5. Reflections
6. Red Light on Water
7. Pond Song
8. Moonlit Dock
9. In Sky, in Water
10. Song of the Covered Bridge
11. Waterfall

Index: First Lines