The Land, the People
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The Land, the People

Rachel Peden
Drawings by Sidonie Coryn
Foreword by Nancy R. Hiller
Distribution: World
Publication date: 7/12/2010
Format: paper 368 pages, 13 b&w illus.
6 x 8
ISBN: 978-0-253-22229-9
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The Land, the People pays tribute to the American family farm and the people whose daily lives are tied to the soil. Rachel Peden once wrote of this book, "I wanted the land to be the main character, and to write about the family farm, its change, survival, character, and of people's love of the land and need of it as a basic human hunger.” Lovingly recreating the story of a family living with the land, Peden breathes life into an abandoned farmhouse where children, long-since grown, once played in the dooryard. This is a very personal book, for author and reader alike, rich in the author's sensibility and craft.

Author Bio

Rachel Peden (1901–1975) was a newspaper columnist. She is author of Rural Free: A Farmwife's Almanac of Country Living (IUP, 2009) and Speak to the Earth.


"Ms. Peden's writings remind us that we have not only survived the challenges and fed upon the beauty of the land, but we have thrived as a people by drawing strength from our humble country roots." —Judie Sutherland, Farm and Dairy Magazine

"With language echoing Emerson and Thoreau, Peden's work reveals her love of land and soil. Although ostensibly about the simple life, this thoughtful book raises complex issues still relevant today." —Indiana Magazine of History

"Peden was a wonderful writer who accurately and poignantly captured the people and the rapid changes associated with rural America of the time." —

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Table of Contents

1. High Gap Is the Lord's
2. The Starling's Voice
3. Wide and Starry Night
4. The Fulness of Maple Grove
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