Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 8

Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 8

Charles S. Peirce
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 12/07/2009
ISBN: 978-0-253-00421-5
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Volume 8 of this landmark edition follows Peirce from May 1890 through July 1892—a period of turmoil as his career unraveled at the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. The loss of his principal source of income meant the beginning of permanent penury and a lifelong struggle to find gainful employment. His key achievement during these years is his celebrated Monist metaphysical project, which consists of five classic articles on evolutionary cosmology. Also included are reviews and essays from The Nation in which Peirce critiques Paul Carus, William James, Auguste Comte, Cesare Lombroso, and Karl Pearson, and takes part in a famous dispute between Francis E. Abbot and Josiah Royce. Peirce's short philosophical essays, studies in non-Euclidean geometry and number theory, and his only known experiment in prose fiction complete his production during these years.

Peirce's 1883-1909 contributions to the Century Dictionary form the content of volume 7 which is forthcoming.

Author Bio

The Peirce Edition Project, School of Liberal Arts, Indiana University Indianapolis, aims to produce a 30-volume edition of Peirce's writings from across the humanities and sciences.


“Volume 8 of this landmark edition follows Peirce through a period of turmoil as his career unraveled and a life of permanent penury and struggle to find gainful employment began. ”

“No matter where one enters the eight volumes published to date, one will soon become convinced that Charles S. Peirce belongs in the ranks of a small band of great American philosophers.March 2011”

“Volume 8 of the Writings is a comprehensive and meticulously documented presentation of Peirce’s work during the years in question.Vol.47.3 Summer 2011”

“For the first time we have available in an intelligible form the writings of one of the greatest philosophers of the past hundred years.”
 — Times Literary Supplement

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Table of Contents

Bibliographic Abbreviations in Editorial Matter

1. Familiar Letters about the Art of Reasoning
2. Ribot's Psychology of Attention
3. Six Lectures of Hints toward a Theory of the Universe
4. Sketch of a New Philosophy
5. [On Framing Philosophical Theories]
6. The Non-Euclidean Geometry Made Easy
7. Review of Jevons's Pure Logic
8. Review of Carus's Fundamental Problems
9. Review of Muir's The Theory of Determinants
10. Review of Fraser's Locke
11. [Notes on the First Issue of the Monist]
12. My Life
13. Note on Pythagorean Triangles
14. Hints toward the Invention of a Scale-Table
15. Logical Studies of the Theory of Numbers
16. Promptuarium of Analytical Geometry
17. Boolian Algebra
18. Boolian Alegebra. First Lection
19. Notes on the Question on the Existence of an External World
20. [Note on Kant's Refutation of Idealism]
21. [Notes on Consciousness]

The Monist Metaphysical Project
22. The Architecture of Theories [Initial Version]
23. The Architecture of Theories
24. The Doctrine of Necessity Examined
25. The Law of Mind [Early Try]
26. The Law of Mind [Excursus on the Idea of Time]
27. The Law of Mind
28. [Notes for "Man's Glassy Essence"]
29. Man's Glassy Essence
30. Evolutionary Love

Studies on the Algebra of the Copula
31. [Deductions from a Definition of the Copula]
32. Algebra of the Copula [Version 1]
33. Algebra of the Copula [Version 2]
34. Examination of the Copula of Inclusion
35. On the Number of Dichotomous Divisions: A Problem in Permutations
36. Methods of Investigating the Constant of Space
37. James's Psychology
38. [Morality and Church Creed]
39. Review of Spencer's Essays
40. Abbot against Royce
41. Review of Chambers's Pictorial Astronomy
42. [Lesson in Necessary Reasoning]
43. The Great Men of History
44. The Comtist Calendar
45. The No