Contemporary Quilt Art

Contemporary Quilt Art

An Introduction and Guide
Kate Lenkowsky
Distribution: World
Publication date: 4/2/2008
Format: cloth 304 pages, 5 figures, 142 color photos
8.5 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-253-35124-1
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Foreword Magazine Book of the Year, Gold Medal, Art
In the 1970s young artists "discovered" quilts and began experimenting with contemporary styles. Today quilt art is a staple of art exhibits nationwide. This handsomely illustrated introduction provides a useful guide to the contemporary art of quilting for quilters and collectors alike. The book illustrates the various styles of quilt art, introduces both established and emerging artists, and discusses aspects of their art as well as the process of quilt making. The reader will learn where to find the work of the best artists, and how to work directly with them when commissioning a quilt. Kate Lenkowsky gives an overview of exhibition and marketing opportunities and lists art quilt organizations at the national, regional, and local levels. Collectors will find a guide to resources on the conservation of textiles and options for displaying quilts in the home and elsewhere. A wonderful gift for anyone interested in viewing and collecting contemporary American art quilts.

Author Bio

Kate Lenkowsky has been quilting for more than a dozen years. Her "Call to Service," a large narrative quilt depicting volunteers serving their communities, hangs in the entryway of the Corporation for National and Community Service at its headquarters in Washington, D.C. She is a member of the Bloomington (Indiana) Quilters' Guild, the Studio Art Quilt Associates, the Alliance for American Quilts, and the Fiber Art Study Group in Washington, D.C.


"Lushly illustrated, this volume is a feast for the eyes that will help to inspire not only quilters but also artists in other media. . . . Highly recommended." —Choice

"Lenkowsky's survey of the studio-quilt movement makes an important contribution to scholarship on the evolution and current status of the medium." —Fiberarts

"In quiltmaker/author Kate Lenkowsky's Contemporary Quilt Art, she educates readers with remarkable verbal and visual dexterity; she alters our perception of quilts, converting us to the religion of quilts as art. It is a revelatory experience. . . . The accompanying vivid color photographs of the artists' quilts is enough by itself to make you want to own this publication: Each photograph vibrates with crispness and saturated color. Indiana University Press deserves praise for what it has put together." —Deseret News

"The book exudes a conservative and distinguished spirit, offers impeccable print quality, and is crammed with information for quilters and their cultural community; thus it merits inclusion in any quilt library!" —Textile Forum

"Contemporary Quilt Art is a big, erudite, and beautifully produced book in the style done so well by university presses. . . . [T]his book is a must for any private or guild quilt library." —Quilt Channel , September 3, 2008

"This is a well-researched and beautifully illustrated introduction to quilt art, a field that has emerged from its historic origins and flourishes today as a dynamic expression of modern art." —
Surface Design , Winter 2009

"This oversized book is full of vibrant colors of a few traditional quilts, but the majority are imaginative designs and creations of contemporary men and women." —Florence Waskelewicz Clowes,
Polish American Journal , August 1, 2008

"A well-researched and beautiful book with 142 color photographs, including detail pictures of many of the quilts, Lenkowsky goes a long way towards accomplishing her goal of making the art quilt understandable and accessible to a wide audience." —
Museum Anthropology , Vol. 32 no. 2

"A visually dazzling presentation and comprehensive discussion of contemporary work in a medium with a long history . . . Most important is the book's much-needed chronicle and analysis of the work of a range of innovative makers." —Janet Koplos, Senior Editor,
Art in America magazine

"Like other crafts that have become highly collectible, art quilts are making the transition from being viewed solely as functional objects to being seen as the fine art pieces they are. A very important book for quilters and collectors alike." —Martha Sielman, Executive Director, Studio Quilt Art Associates

"An enormously useful and instructive book for devotees as well as potential collectors of art quilts. I highly recommend this much needed publication." —Ursula Ilse-Neuman, Curator, Museum of Arts & Design, New York

"Lenkowsky's well-researched and highly readable text accompanies a photographic gallery of art quilts by some of America's most respected makers. [A] visual feast." —Lloyd E. Herman, founding director, Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum

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Table of Contents

Note on Terminology

Part 1. Introduction
1. The Evolution of a New Art Form from an Old Tradition
Early Innovations
Unique among the Crafts
The Arrival of Modern Art and Some Talented Immigrants
The Return of Studio Craft
A New Spirit Emerges in Textile and Fiber Art
The "New" Modern Art Takes Center Stage
Fiber and Textile Art Begin to Flourish
"Homemade" Makes a Comeback, and Quilt Guilds Proliferate
A New Art Form Begins to Evolve: Early Influences and Challenges
Museums Play a Role
Old Skills Are Revived
Artists Take Charge of the Medium
Building a Support System
The New Quilts
An Important Question Is Raised
Achieving Professional Status
New Challenges
Some Final Thoughts and Observations

Part 2. Artists
2. Liz Axford
3. Susan Brandeis
4. Rachel Brumer
5. Pauline Burbidge
6. Elizabeth Busch
7. Jean Williams Cacicedo
8. Dorothy Caldwell
9. Kyoung Ae Cho
10. Nancy Crow
11. Nancy Erickson
12. Carole Harris
13. Ana Lisa Hedstrom
14. Marilyn Henrion
15. Michael James
16. Jan Myers-Newbury
17. Ris? Nagin
18. Joy Saville
19. Joan Schulze
20. Julie John Upshaw

Part 3. A Guide for Buyers and Collectors
21. Educational Resources and the Market
Collections and Acquisition Policies
Making Use of Museum Resources
The International Quilt Study Center
The Quilt Index
Internet Galleries
Private Galleries
An Overview
What to Expect
Cooperative Galleries
National and International Competitions
Regional and Traveling Exhibitions
Fiber Art Destinations
Open Studio Days
Large Quilt Shows and Festivals
Local Guild Exhibitions
Student Work
Charitable Auctions
22. Suggestions for Buyers
23. Collecting: Some Well-Known Collectors and What We Can Learn from Them
24. Suggestions for Beginning Collectors
25. Working with an Art Consultant
Training and Responsibilities
26. Commissioning a Quilt
27. Displaying, Caring for, and Storing Studio Quilts
Displaying Your Quilts
Hanging Quilts
Sleeve Casing Method
Care Instructions
28. What You Should Know about Appraisals
29. Insuring Your Art
30. Resources
Museums (Selected)
Art Centers, Textile and Textile Art Centers (A Sampling)
Artist Networks (A Sampling)
Galleries (A Sampling)
Juried Art Quilt Exhibitions
Juried, Mixed Traditional and Art Quilt Exhibitions/Competitions
Juried Fiber Art Exhibitions
Juried Craft and Studio Quilt Exhibits
Fine Craft Shows and Fairs
Overseas Exhibits
Publications of Interest
Additional Educational Resources
Event Calendars
Care Resources
Display Systems
Art Consultants

Suggested Readings
Artist Biographies
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