Creation and the Sovereignty of God

Creation and the Sovereignty of God

Hugh J. McCann
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Publication date: 07/20/2012
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-253-35714-4
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Creation and the Sovereignty of God brings fresh insight to a defense of God. Traditional theistic belief declared a perfect being who creates and sustains everything and who exercises sovereignty over all. Lately, this idea has been contested, but Hugh J. McCann maintains that God creates the best possible universe and is completely free to do so; that God is responsible for human actions, yet humans also have free will; and ultimately, that divine command must be reconciled with natural law. With this distinctive approach to understanding God and the universe, McCann brings new perspective to the evidential argument from evil.

Author Bio

Hugh J. McCann is Professor of Philosophy at Texas A&M University. He is author of The Works of Agency: On Human Action, Will, and Freedom.


“Offers an elaborate, rigorous development and defense of the medieval Christian view that God as creator is sovereign, free, and simple.”
 — Paul K. Moser, Loyola University Chicago

“In this distinctive approach to Christian religion, a philosophy scholar brings fresh insight to a defense of God. ”

“Creation and the Sovereignty of God is an impressive and thought-provoking work, well worth a read for those interested in philosophy of religion and philosophical theology.”
 — Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

“In Creation and the Sovereignty of God, Hugh McCann offers a defense of the traditional conception of God, and a case for God’s existence, that is rigorous, well-informed, comprehensive, and innovative—a genuine tour de force.”
 — Intl Journal of the Philosophy of Religion

“Creation and the Sovereignty of God is a cohesive and integrated work that takes on various perennial philosophical and theological problems attendant to the doctrine of God as creator of the cosmos. ”
 — International Philosophical Quarterly

“This is a book whose technical detail will give professionals quite a bit to chew on but whose clarity and coverage of a wide range of topics also make it suitable as an introduction to analytic philosophy of religion for advanced students.”
 — American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

“This one is a keeper! With dogged yet irenic spirit, McCann identifies and effectively restores an element one might have presumed to be foundational for any exploration of 'God' in Abrahamic faiths: free creation.”
 — Modern Theology

“McCann displays many intellectual virtues in this book: his arguments are well-developed, he carefully considers and refutes objections, and he creatively identifies and recasts mental images or analogies that might make his views appear implausible. This last virtue is aided particularly by his background in action theory. Though McCann’s book is often difficult, it rewards the reader with a (perhaps surpris- ingly) forceful defense of a currently unpopular theology.”
 — Heythrop Journal

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Table of Contents

1. The Need for a Creator
2. Creation and the Natural Order
3. Eternity
4. Evil, Freedom, and Foreknowledge
5. Free Will and Divine Sovereignty
6. Sin
7. Suffering
8. Divine Freedom
9. Creation and the Moral Order
10. Creation and the Conceptual Order
11. Divine Will and Divine Simplicity

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