The Fighting Pattons

The Fighting Pattons

Brian M. Sobel, foreword by Joanne Holbrook Patton and General George S. Patton
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 04/09/2013
Format: Paperback 11 b&w illus.
ISBN: 978-0-253-00990-6
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The father was a legendary hero whose fame had a profound influence over his son, who was determined to make a mark on his own terms. The Fighting Pattons is their story. The elder Patton gained renown during World War II as a fearless commander devoted to his men. A complex figure driven by his knowledge of history and warfare, he was a professional soldier who loved the art of war and hated war itself. The younger Patton also lived an eventful life; he participated in the Berlin Airlift, served in Korea, and proved his valor during three tours of duty in Vietnam. A wealth of previously unpublished information, plus interviews with family, friends, and figures such as Richard Nixon and General William Westmoreland, make a fascinating history of an American military family.

Author Bio

Brian M. Sobel is a media consultant in Petaluma, California, and a frequent contributor to magazines and newspapers.


“The story of a legendary World War II hero and his profound influence on his son of his own merit, The Fighting Pattons is a fascinating insight into an American military family. ”

“A balanced portrayal of the men and their myths, revealing the father and son to be much alike: dedicated professional men of arms, unswerving in their duty and their devotion to their men.”
 — Library Journal

“An extraordinary history of one American family's love of war. ”
 — The Wall Street Journal

“Strong, stirring, and inspiring. . . . What a story it is! . . . A stunning account.”
 — Army

“Highly recommended and engrossing reading as well as giving us a view of the Pattons that has never before been seen. A wonderful and moving portrait of the Patton family.”
 — Military

“Sobel’s volume is a significant addition to our understanding of a man often overlooked and compared unfairly to his father.”
 — Armchair General

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Major General George S. Patton
1. Born of Distinction
2. The Early Years
3. The Long Grey Line
4. The World Afire
5. Death of a Hero
6. A Soldier Carries On
7. Land of the Morning Calm
8. Peaceful Intermission
9. Une Guerre Très Difficile
10. A Return to War
11. Blackhorse
12. Laurels for the Soldier
13. A Soldier's General
14. Turbulent World
15. Hell on Wheels
16. Quiet Reflection
Selected Bibliography
IndexThe Wall Street Journal

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