Deciphering the New Antisemitism

Deciphering the New Antisemitism

Edited by Alvin H. Rosenfeld
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 12/09/2015
Format: Hardback 2 tables
ISBN: 978-0-253-01865-6
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Deciphering the New Antisemitism addresses the increasing prevalence of antisemitism on a global scale. Antisemitism takes on various forms in all parts of the world, and the essays in this wide-ranging volume deal with many of them: European antisemitism, antisemitism and Islamophobia, antisemitism and anti-Zionism, and efforts to demonize and delegitimize Israel. Contributors are an international group of scholars who clarify the cultural, intellectual, political, and religious conditions that give rise to antisemitic words and deeds. These landmark essays are noteworthy for their timeliness and ability to grapple effectively with the serious issues at hand.

Author Bio

Alvin H. Rosenfeld holds the Irving M. Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies and is Professor of English and Founding Director of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism at Indiana University Bloomington. He is editor of Resurgent Antisemitism: Global Perspectives (IUP) and author of The End of the Holocaust (IUP).


“Seventy years ago, after Nazi Germany systematically murdered six million of Europe's Jews before it lost World War II, antisemitism seemed exhausted. In Europe, calls for 'Jews to the gas' and 'Hitler didn't finish the job' have become common, as have violent attacks against Jews. The world's oldest hatred is once again rearing its ugly head, and that head is roaring.”
 — Walter Reich, George Washington University

“A very important book on a very, very frightening development that was barely to be imagined as recently as a few years ago.”
 — Edward Alexander, author of The Holocaust and the War of Ideas

“An international group of scholars clarify the cultural, intellectual, political, and religious conditions that give rise to antisemitic words and deeds.”

“This volume, rich in information, is not for the casual reader, but is recommended as a valuable compilation of research and analysis that will help concerned readers track the evolution of anti-Semitism and determine which trends are most worrisome.”
 — Publishers Weekly

“Some are stunningly perceptive, some explore new dimensions, and while not all offer lapidary prose (they are written by academics, after all), each offers new insights about the thoughts and activities of current anti-Semites and the evil they purvey. A source book that will be of special value to those who see and are concerned about the new anti-Semitism. ”
 — Kirkus Reviews

Deciphering the New Antisemitism is a timely and thought-provoking book--a must-read for scholars of contemporary Jewish history, Israeli history, and political science. In spite of its being a scholarly annotated volume, it offers important information for the general Jewish population--for anyone, basically, who wishes to better understand the complex and dangerous world in which we live today, and the various attitudes toward Jews that have not, in fact, disappeared, even in the liberal West. Unfortunately, we are constantly learning that the opposite is true. ”
 — Studies in Contemporary Jewry

“[T]his anthology contributes significantly to our understanding of the contemporary rise in antisemitic attitudes around the world. ”
 — H-Judaic

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Table of Contents

Introduction Alvin H. Rosenfeld
Part I. Defining and Assessing Antisemitism
1. Antisemitism and Islamophobia: The Inversion of the Debt Pascal Bruckner
2. The Ideology of the New Antisemitism Kenneth L. Marcus
3. A Framework for Assessing Antisemitism: Three Case Studies (Dieudonné, Erdoan, and Hamas) Günther Jikeli
4. Virtuous Antisemitism Elhanan Yakira
Part II. Intellectual and Ideological Contexts
5. Historicizing the Transhistorical: Apostasy and the Dialectic of Jew-Hatred Doron Ben-Atar
6. Literary Theory and the Delegitimization of Israel Jean Axelrad Cahan
7. Good News from France: There Is No New Antisemitism Bruno Chaouat
8. Anti-Zionism and the Anarchist Tradition Eirik Eiglad
9. Antisemitism and the Radical Catholic Traditionalist Movement Mark Weitzman
Part III. Holocaust Denial, Evasion, Minimization
10. The Uniqueness Debate Revisited Bernard Harrison
11. Denial, Evasion, and Anti-Historical Antisemitism: The Continuing Assault on Memory
David Patterson
12. Generational Changes in the Holocaust Denial Movement in the United States Aryeh Tuchman
Part IV. Regional Manifestations
13. From Occupation to Occupy: Antisemitism and the Contemporary Left in the United States
Sina Arnold
14. The EU’s Responses to Contemporary Antisemitism: A Shell Game R. Amy Elman
15. Anti-Israeli Boycotts: European and International Human Rights Law Perspectives Aleksandra Gliszczynska-Grabias
16. Delegitimizing Israel in Germany and Austria: Past Politics, the Iranian Threat, and Post-national Anti-Zionism Stephan Grigat
17. Antisemitism and Antiurbanism, Past and Present: Empirical and Theoretical Approaches Bodo Kahmann
18. Tehran’s Efforts to Mobilize Antisemitism: The Global Impact Matthias Küntzel
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