At Home with Ernie Pyle

At Home with Ernie Pyle

Ernie Pyle
Edited and with an Introduction by Owen V. Johnson
Distribution: World
Publication date: 11/18/2015
Format: cloth 424 pages, 12 b&w illus.
6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-253-01905-9
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As anyone who has read his legendary WWII reporting knows, Ernie Pyle had an uncanny ability to connect with his readers, seeking out stories about the common people with whom he felt a special bond. A master of word painting, Pyle honed the skills that would win him a 1944 Pulitzer Prize for his battlefront reporting by traveling across America, writing columns about the people and places he encountered. At Home with Ernie Pyle celebrates Pyle’s Indiana roots, gathering for the first time his writings about the state and its people. These stories preserve a vivid cultural memory of his time. In them, we discover the Ernie Pyle who was able to find a piece of home wherever he wandered. By focusing on his family and the lives of people in and from the Hoosier state, Pyle was able to create a multifaceted picture of the state as it slowly transformed from a mostly rural, agrarian society to a modern, industrial one. Here is the record of a special time and place created by a master craftsman, whose work remains vividly alive three quarters of a century later.

Author Bio

Owen V. Johnson is Associate Professor Emeritus of IU Journalism, The Media School, Indiana University Bloomington.


"Johnson has compiled Pyle's Indiana-centric columns. The writing holds up well. It's simple and clear. By now the pieces are of historic interest, too." —Indianapolis Star

"The legendary Hoosier journalist reveals, with touching candor and haunting prose, a deep spiritual connection to his state of birth—and the people who raised him there." —Indianapolis Monthly

"The stories in this book will be of particular interest to anybody who is—or would like to become—familiar with the work of the legendary Ernie Pyle." —Indiana Magazine of History

"This splendid collection shows Ernie Pyle in an entirely new literary light—as an insightful observer of the transformation of American life in the first half of the 20th century. Owen V. Johnson's exhaustive effort to track down all of Pyle's columns and articles about Indiana pays off handsomely in revealing and sometimes surprising ways." —David Paul Nord, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University

"Ernie Pyle’s columns about Indiana show his love for his state, its people and his family. Owen V. Johnson has organized this treasure of American journalism to demonstrate Pyle’s mastery and enhance our pleasure in Ernie Pyle’s vision with a superb introduction to Indiana’s cultural and political landscape." —Trevor R. Brown, Indiana University

"Owen V. Johnson has pulled off a superb triple play with
At Home with Ernie Pyle. The book rescues a portion of Pyle’s work that would likely have been lost for good and it adds substantially to the documentary record of his home state. And, perhaps most important, it delivers a wonderful reading experience to all who treasure the work of this singular American writer." —James Tobin, author of Ernie Pyle’s War

"Owen Johnson's extensive and thoughtful collection of Ernie Pyle's writings about his home state and its people offers readers a window into an Indiana that once was. The book also captures the essence of what made Pyle an icon to readers around the country, the care he took with his columns, and the emotional impact his often simple words carried. A vital book for anyone interested in journalism, writing, and Indiana." —Ray E. Boomhower, Indiana historian and author of John Bartlow Martin: A Voice for the Underdog

"For the first time, journalism historian Owen Johnson presents all of Ernie Pyle’s columns relating to Indiana, along with an insightful introduction and helpful annotations. Once again we hear Pyle’s piquant observations as he reacts with cool irony or sly wit or heartfelt emotion for the subjects he encounters—in a spirit always generous and earnest." —James Capshew, author of Herman B Wells: The Promise of the American University

"The usual collections of Ernie Pyle masterpieces from World War II battle areas come into better focus with Owen Johnson’s assemblage of his early writings. Always, with him there was the personal, the wry touch, but the Ernie Pyle I admired seemed to me to take on a more mortal maturity with the death of his mother. Life and death became filled with meaning and memory and less focused on statistics and inevitability. I finished reading—saluting both Ernie and Owen." —Bob Hammel, author of The Bill Cook Story II: The Re-Visionary

"This collection, however, contains some real gems, and one need not be a Hoosier to enjoy it." —American Journalism

"The book provides new glimpses into Pyle's soul." —Journalism History

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Table of Contents

Home Town & Family
Brown County
Indiana University Connections
Around the State
Writers & Artists
Politics & Politicians
Hoosiers Outside Indiana
World War II
Indiana Connections
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