More Amazing Tales from Indiana

More Amazing Tales from Indiana

Fred D. Cavinder
Distribution: World
Publication date: 11/19/2003
ISBN: 978-0-253-02833-4
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The stories in this book will provide entertainment for everyone and evoke wonder in the most jaded observer of the human condition. Some of the exploits that Fred D. Cavinder describes are half-hidden footnotes to national and international happenings. Others seem so typical of Indiana that they will appeal to anyone who understands the Hoosier spirit. But all of them are true—recorded in reliable accounts or by reliable witnesses from early times to the present.

In “Saving Face,” Cavinder introduces us to General Ambrose Burnside of Liberty. Burnside blundered his way through the Civil War, relocated to Rhode Island, and served three terms as governor and two terms as U.S. Senator. But what we really remember Burnside for is his unique facial hair—his “sideburns.” Did you know that Indiana produced three of the movie Tarzans? In “AHHaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!” you can find out who they were. With its sometimes quirky stories about the Hoosier state, More Amazing Tales from Indiana will be a ready companion for the bedside table and will provide a wellspring of anecdotes for speechmakers and pundits.

Author Bio

Fred D. Cavinder is author of The Indiana Book of Records, Firsts, and Fascinating Facts (IUP, 1985) and Amazing Tales of Indiana (IUP, 1990). He lives in Indianapolis.

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Table of Contents

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1. Battle of the Dunes
2. The Settler with Burning Desire
3. The Forgotten and the Dead
4. A Plague on All the Houses
5. Shucks, One, Two, Three, Four
6. Breaking New Ground
7. His Honors, The Governors
8. Judgment Set Aside
9. The Town that Never Was
10. Witness to History
11. There Goes, Here Comes Owensville
12. Another Upright Hoosier Pioneer
13. An Honorary Title
14. A girl Named Cooper
15. And That Goes for Your Cat, Too
16. The Doctor Knew Best
17. A Moving Classroom Experience
18. The Man Behind the Boomers
19. The Name is Sometimes Like a Game
20. Jefferson Who?
21. Out Bright, In Wright
22. The Hall of Learning
23. The Battle of the Courthouse Army
24. Hidden Treasure
25. One Good Turn
26. Sanctuary of the Sea
27. The Mayor with the Green Thumb
28. The Last Portrait
29. The Friendship of Foes
30. The 24-Hour Mill
31. The Presidential Trail of Coincidences
32. Bury Me, Oh Bury Me Not
33. A ringer for Uncle Sam
34. Not What the Doctor Ordered
35. Saving Face
36. Guns Across the Ohio
37. Double Duty
38. When a Winner Was a Loser
39. Death is Taxing
40. An Eye to Preservation
41. Three Jerrs for Johnson
42. Pick a Side, Any Side
43. Sherman's Headquarters
44. No Cheers for Him
45. The Telegrapher Deafness Couldn't Whip
46. Taking a Shine to Exhibitions
47. The Bill that Didn't Add Up
48. Hats Off to Orleans
49. The Poet Hoosiers Forgot
50. The Dollhouses that Grief Built
51. Mile a Minute
52. A Man Who. . .Boo
53. Leaping Over the Odds
54. Ahaaaaaa
55. A plate Full of Problems
56. The Bird and Bee Man
57. Famous Amos and the Fast Ball
58. When Drought brought a Town to Georgia
59. A League Pennant of Their Own
60. One Town Draws on its Talent
61. No Kid Gloves for Him
62. Bedford Crosses off the Red Cross
63. Say Cat for the Camera
64. Hero is as Hero Does
65. To the Air is Human
66. Heroes in the Trenches
67. Hoosier Early Birds
68. Heart is Where the Hometown Is
69. Grave Undertakings
70. The Masterful Moose Manager
71. They Ought to be in Pictures
72. No Stone Unturned
73. The Famous Aloft Comes to Ground
74. Wilson as the Gipper
75. The Tiny Team Pool
76. A Bridge So Far
77. Serving the Troops
78. Stalking Soldier
79. Easy as One, Two, Three
80. The Sultan of Sprint
81. From Statehouse to Jailhouse
82. Sex and the Cartoonist
83. Girls on the Hardwood
84. High Flying Tooters
85. The Catch with a Catch to It
86. Coming In on a Wing That's a Wing
87. And in Second Place
88. Check and Double Check
89. Sentences to Write a Wrong
90. The Temple in Tyson's Brain
91. Poetic Injustice
92. The Girl Who Got to First Base on Second Base
93. Which Way is Up?
94. Heady Base Running
95. To Dream, Perhaps Endure
96. The Women Behind the Pages
97. Raising Cane
98. Murder He Flew
99. Two Remember Pearl Harbor
100. Mother's Little Genius
101. The Navy Gets the Gravy
102. Schmal Wonder
103. Prisoners and Pretenders
104. Never Say Die about Dad
105. The Stag Party Spy Case
106. Field of Dreams
107. Hold that Ball, Hold that Ball
108. Mockery Turtle
109. Like Husgand, Like Mother, Like Son
110. To Sleep, Mayhap to Apprehend
111. Name that Team
112. The Cold Cash Case
113. Sex and the Single Prisoner
114. The Original Two-Wheeler
115. The Quick and the Dedicated
116. The Case that Came Home
117. Hammering Out a Verdict
118. Words from on High
119. From Wheelchair to Parachute
120. Hunting the Booth Truth
121. Happy Landings
122. The Unbeatable Rivals
123. Humpal's Hidden Paintings
124. One She Tree Fits All
125. A Town Divided
126. Great Bulging Belfries
127. The Language of Poets
128. See Dick and Jane Disappear
129. The Cannonball Runner
130. Noting the Branch Office
131. Have Urge, Will Travel
132. Oui, Oui, Old Chap
133. Dueling Due
134. Swinging and Rotating
135. Happy Birthday to You, and You, and You
136. Playing with Fire
137. A Career-Long Slump
138. The Consummate Cat House
139. The African King
140. Girl Crazy