Bourbon Badass Training Manual

Bourbon Badass Training Manual

Fred Ruffenach
Distribution: World
Format: paper 66 pages, 5 color illus.
4 x 6
ISBN: 978-1-68435-004-9
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The Bourbon Badass Training Manual is a tasting journal created to guide people on their journey towards becoming a "Bourbon Badass" in an easy, approachable format. Far too often tasting journals can be overly complicated and intimidating. This journal focuses on relatable, real world factors making it approachable for everyone. It is intended for everyone from the novice to the connoisseur. With room for 30 tastings, the notes allow the reader to record what they liked or didn't like as they develop their very own unique taste profile. Not only will the reader have a record of their experiences, but they will also be able to speak to others with confidence. The goal is not to overwhelm anyone with too much technical information, but instead, allow them to decide for themselves what path they want to take on their path to becoming a Bourbon Badass.

Author Bio

Fred Ruffenach, a Philadelphia native, relocated to Louisville, Kentucky for love. From owning shares in Thoroughbred race horses to his love for bourbon, he embraced everything about Kentucky. His passion for bourbon didn’t happen overnight. Starting out by mixing his bourbon with water, his palate evolved over time to the point where he has participated in several private barrel selections. In fact, he has tasted straight from the barrel alongside some of the world’s most well-known master distillers. He belongs to several bourbon clubs and has done extensive research on what makes each bourbon unique.

Bourbon and its culture quickly became a part of Fred's everyday life. His business Thievery Spirits, focuses on promotional merchandise for the spirits industry.

It also doesn’t hurt that his wife, Linda, is the founder of the Whisky Chicks®. Both he and his wife enjoy sharing their passion for the spirit and have found a way to mix business with pleasure. With the
Bourbon Badass Training Manual, Fred succeeds in creating a tasting journal with notes that matter.

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