Volatile State

Volatile State

Iran in the Nuclear Age
David Oualaalou
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 01/23/2018
Format: Paperback 8 maps
ISBN: 978-0-253-03118-1
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In an age of nuclear experimentation, military conflicts, and ISIS, the Middle East is unstable, and the Iran nuclear deal is shrouded in controversy and mistrust. How will this agreement impact US relations and strengths, not only in the region, but around the world? Will the US be challenged for world leadership? In Volatile State: Iran in the Nuclear Age, global affairs analyst David S. Oualaalou explores the new geopolitical landscape and how it will allow a nuclear Iran to flex its military, economic, and ideological muscles with the assistance of Russia and China. Taking under consideration how other governments have reacted to the agreement, Oualaalou provides a fresh perspective on current and future relations among the US and its current allies and provides a compelling path forward for future strategies in the Middle East. Volatile State is a "must read" to help understand the implications and future with a nuclear deal with Iran.

Author Bio

David S. Oualaalou is a global affairs analyst and former international security analyst in Washington, DC. He is author of The Ambiguous Foreign Policy of the United States toward the Muslim World: More than a Handshake.


“Once again Dr. Oualaalou has brought to life a complex current topic. His balanced and in-depth investigation of the topic allows the reader to not only learn the history of the parties involved, but also to follow the historic threads that have led to today’s geopolitical situation. Dr. Oualaalou has the experience and expertise to give a clear picture of the region’s issues today and projection of possible scenarios in the future.”
 — Mortada Mohamed, President, World Affairs Council of Austin

“David Oualaalou, a geopolitical analyst, writer, speaker, teacher, military veteran, Middle East specialist and linguist with unique first-hand experiences and knowledge gained from personal field intelligence in Middle East wars—combined with his fresh and unique writing style—has produced a challenging perspective and a thought-provoking book. David’s unembellished bold critiques, with credible analytical interpretation of geopolitical implications and national security challenges, for not only the USA but for the Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and others in the new Middle East region (and world), will be much discussed in this impressive approach to eye-opening questions with credible rival answers. I believe this book is crucial reading for any person interested in the future nuclear Middle East.”
 — William A. Mitchell, author of Baylor in Northern Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. History of the Persian Empire
3. Emergence of Modern-Day Iran
4. Political Landscape of the Middle East
5. Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East
6. The Future of the Middle East and Its Geopolitical Outcome
7. Author's Reflections

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