Art Themes

Art Themes

Choices in Art Learning and Making
Marjorie Cohee Manifold
Distribution: World
Publication date: 11/29/2017
Format: paper 640 pages, 678 color illus.
8.5 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-253-02292-9
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Flexible in approach and full of colorful examples, this textbook provides a basic introduction to what art is and can be in the lives of people who do not necessarily think of themselves as “artists.” You will be taught about a variety of art themes, genres, materials, and processes that appeal to novice art makers. The lessons are organized by themes of general subject matter or media. Options are available for work in mixed media, crafts, photography and digital media, as well as in traditional drawing or painting media. After picking a theme of particular interest to you, look next at the four strands of lessons presented in that thematic unit. Moving from left to right, select one lesson from each consecutive strand and complete that lesson. Because each lesson builds upon previously presented knowledge and developed skill, as you progress through four lessons, one from each strand, you should grow in your understanding of art concepts, meanings, and processes, while also improving your art making skills. Completing this course will help you develop a new appreciation for the power and possibilities of art learning, by understanding better the art others create, as well as making it yourself.

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Table of Contents

Introduction and How to Use this Book
Basics of Creating Works of Art
The Thematic Units
1. Lessons in Drawing Realistically
Lesson 1: Shading Rounded Objects
Lesson 2: Drawing Elliptical Shapes
Lesson 3: Facial Proportions
Lesson 4: A Mirror Image Face
Lesson 5: An Extended Photograph
Lesson 6: Drawing Hands
Lesson 7: Body Proportions
Lesson 8: The Figure in Action
Lesson 9: Inspired by da Vinci
Lesson 10: A ¾-View Portrait
Lesson 11: Foreshortening
Lesson 12: A Portrait of a Shoe
Lesson 13: Looking at Details
Lesson 14: Drawing Trees
Lesson 15: Drawing Animals
Lesson 16: Drawing Hair
Lesson 17: Drawing Shiny and Transparent Objects
Lesson 18: Shadows in a Triptych
Lesson 19: Grid Magic
Lesson 20: A Bestiary Creature
Lesson 21: Shading Flat Objects
Lesson 22: Drawing in One-Point Perspective
Lesson 23: Drawing in Two-Point Perspective
Lesson 24: A Remodeled House
Lesson 25: Architectural Design
Lesson 26: A Dramatic Mood Cityscape
Lesson 27: A Crowd Scene

2. Lesson in Color and Paint
Lesson 28: Color Studies
Lesson 29: Color Match Collage
Lesson 30: Mood Expressions
Lesson 31: Matisse, Music, & Design
Lesson 32: Light and Leaves
Lesson 33: Microscopic World
Lesson 34: A Watercolor Landscape
Lesson 35: Near and Far Spaces
Lesson 36: Painting an Interior
Lesson 37: A Victorian House
Lesson 38: Inspired by Close
Lesson 39: In an Impressionist Style
Lesson 40: In the Style of the Expressionists
Lesson 41: Mood Portraits
Lesson 42: Inspired by van Gogh
Lesson 43: Inspired by O’Keeffe
Lesson 44: Color Shading Rounded Objects
Lesson 45: Reflective and Transparent Surfaces
Lesson 46: A Landscape in Inclement Weather
Lesson 47: Light and Water
Lesson 48: Water Resists
Lesson 49: Paint and Imagination

3. Decorative and Graphic Design
Lesson 50: Animal Symbols
Lesson 51: Thinking About Advertising Art
Lesson 52: Advertising Art as Persuasion
Lesson 53: Visual Illusions
Lesson 54: Tessellation Play
Lesson 55: Tessellation Design
Lesson 56: Complex to Simple
Lesson 57: A Decorative Alphabet
Lesson 58: Zentangle Delight
Lesson 59: Imagic Letters as Graphic Design
Lesson 60: A Visual Pun
Lesson 61: A Camouflaged Alphabet
Lesson 62: Machines and Structural Devices
Lesson 63: Poetic Weaving
Lesson 64: Maori Design–Kowhaiwhai
Lesson 65: Papunya Dot Paintings
Lesson 66: Adinkra Stamped Cloth
Lesson 67: A Design Sketchbook
Lesson 68: Carried Away by Design
Lesson 69: Futuristic Transportation
Lesson 70: Designing a Logo
Lesson 71: Package Design

4. Art and Narrative Imagination
Lesson 72: Fantastic Jungle
Lesson 73: Fantasy Art
Lesson 74: Surreal Imagination
Lesson 75: Surrealistic Fun as Antidote to Fear
Lesson 76: An Image of Catastrophe
Lesson 77: Contemplating Old Age and Death
Lesson 78: Role-play as Visual Story
Lesson 79: Bust of a Story Character
Lesson 80: Illustrating Tales Other Cultures
Lesson 81: Persian Miniatures
Lesson 82: Manga Illustrations
Lesson 83: Making a Storyboard
Lesson 84: Graphic Stories as Histories or Social Commentaries
Lesson 85: Be a Storyteller
Lesson 86: A Tunnel Book
Lesson 87: Images of Everyday Life
Lesson 88: One Story from Differing Viewpoints
Lesson 89: A Photographic Essay
Lesson 90: A Poetic Photo Album
Lesson 91: A Stab Bound Book
Lesson 92: Shadow Puppets
Lesson 93: A Full and Empty Composition
Lesson 94: A Triptych of Abstract Word Images

5. Exploring Self and Others through Art
Lesson 95: Mapping Symbols & Legends Self
Lesson 96: An Identity Map
Lesson 97: Mapping Places & Spaces
Lesson 98: A Geography of Self
Lesson 99: A Postcard Travelogue of My Day
Lesson 100: Metaphor of Self
Lesson 101: Yin and Yang
Lesson 102: A Woven Portrait
Lesson 103: Cataloguing an Inner World
Lesson 104: Collaborative Images
Lesson 105: A Spirit Doll
Lesson 106: Doll-making Inspired by Ringgold
Lesson 107: The Arts and Crafts of Local Community
Lesson 108: Looking at Sculpture in Community
Lesson 109: Women as Artists
Lesson 110: Visiting a Museum
Lesson 111: Native American Artists
Lesson 112: Visual Poetry in Myth
Lesson 113: Wind Horses: Tibetan Prayer Flags
Lesson 114: A Papier Mâché Alebrije
Lesson 115: A Retablo
Lesson 116: Out of Africa
Lesson 117: A Mardi-Gras Mask
Lesson 118: Art of Ancient Egypt
Lesson 119: A Cultural Fusion Mandala
Lesson 120: Architecture Influenced by C. Greece & Rome

6. Media Play
Lesson 121: Designing an Imaginary House
Lesson 122: Art in Nature’s Time
Lesson 123: A Botanical Journal
Lesson 124: Cataloguing an Outer World
Lesson 125: Mono-Printmaking
Lesson 126: Easy Printing
Lesson 127: Color Collagraphy
Lesson 128: Multi-color Block Printing
Lesson 129: Camouflage in Nature
Lesson 130: Camouflage in Art
Lesson 131: An Appliqué Wall Hanging
Lesson 132: Stitching with Yarn
Lesson 133: Stitchery Art
Lesson 134: Pieced Patchwork Art
Lesson 135: A Mola
Lesson 136: Clothing or Costume Design
Lesson 137: An Assemblage - Anthropomorphic Transformation
Lesson 138: A Steampunk Assemblage
Lesson 139: Wire Sculpture Armature Manikin
Lesson 140: Kinetic Sculpture

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