The Film Work of Norman McLaren

The Film Work of Norman McLaren

Terence Dodson
Distribution: World
Publication date: 10/15/2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-86196-738-4
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The Film Work of Norman McLaren examines his films in the context of his objectives. The first part deals with McLaren’s formative years in Scotland and England and examines his early exposure to the social, artistic, and institutional influences that were to shape his filmic output. The second part deals with McLaren’s maturation in the USA and Canada. The third part is concerned principally with his mature output. McLaren’s films contain incongruities, conflicts, and apparent inconsistencies. In exploring these aspects of his work, Terence Dobson examines the technical processes McLaren used in making his films, the oscillation shown in his films between abstract and representational imagery, and the degree of accord between McLaren’s social and artistic objectives, and his filmic achievements.

Author Bio

Terence Dobson teaches film animation in the Department of Theatre and Film Studies at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

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Table of Contents

Part One

Chapter One – An Informative Drawing
Chapter Two – The Early Years
Chapter Three – McLaren at the GPO Film Unit

Part Two

Chapter Four – New York Interlude
Chapter Five – Canada

Part Three

Chapter Six – Technical Processes
Chapter Seven – Confluence and Conflict in Synchromy
Chapter Eight– Venus and Mars

Norman McLaren’s Chronology
Interviews, Films and Recordings