The Making of John Lennon

The Making of John Lennon

Francis Kenny
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 07/11/2018
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-68435-032-2
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Despite the nearly universal fame of the Beatles, many people only know the fairytale version of the iconic group’s rise to fame. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of Liverpool, Francis Kenny reveals the real John Lennon who preceded the legend, showing how his childhood shaped his personality, creative process, and path to success, and how it also destroyed his mental health, leading to the downfall of one of the most confident and brilliant musicians of the past century.

The Making of John Lennon is a must-read for any Beatles fan. It explains how Lennon’s turbulent family background affected his relationships, why the true inspiration for “Strawberry Fields” could not be revealed, how Pete Best's college connection led to his removal from the group, and why class backgrounds were the real reason for the breakup of the legendary band. Offering a complex portrait of Lennon’s early life, The Making of John Lennon tells the true story behind the rise of the legendary icon.

Author Bio

Francis Kenny was born in Liverpool and has lived there his entire life, giving him a comprehensive understanding of the city where John Lennon grew up. Kenny first met his wife in The Cavern (they have five children) and has been immersed in Liverpool and Beatles culture all his life. He is author of the novel Waiting for the Beatles.


“This isn't a roller-coaster ride, skipping through John Lennon’s life, but a carefully prepared examination of his early years, slowly examining the general picture that surrounded John’s life, rather than focusing on one specific aspect, wrapping the surroundings of the city, the family, the friends, the music and the events which forged the young man who became a 20th century icon, into a whole.”
 — Bill Harry, author of The John Lennon Encyclopedia

“The author focuses on the question of what might have caused the downfall of one of the most brilliant musicians of the past century. Kenny emphasizes three main influences which helped shape Lennon’s creative process and stayed with him throughout his life: his strong roots in his hometown of Liverpool; his troubled mental health; and a turbulent family background.”
 — Huffington Post

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Table of Contents

Milestones in The Making of John Lennon


1. 1800s: City of Outsiders

2. 1900s: Toxteth Park

3. 1940-45: Salvation Army Hospital

4. 1946-50: Wandsworth Jail

5. 1950-55: Gladstone Hall

6. 1955-57: Town and Country

7. 1957-60: Hope Street

8. 1960-61: The Wyvern Club

9. 1961-62: Great Charlotte Street

10. 1961-62: The Grapes

11. 1963-64: Liverpool Town Hall

12. 1964: Hansel and Gretel House

13. 1965: Perugia Way

14. 1965-66: Candlestick Park

15. 1966-67: Cavendish Avenue

16. 1967-68: Foothills of the Himalayas

17. 1968: Abbey Road

18. 1969: Savile Row

19. 1969 (Part 2): Tittenhurst

20. 1970-71: Dakota Building


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