The Birds of Indiana

The Birds of Indiana

Russell E. Mumford and Charles E. Keller, illustrated by William Zimmerman, foreword by Matthew J. Williams
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 06/14/2019
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-253-04328-3
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The Birds of Indiana is a treasure-trove for ornithologists, casual birders, and art-lovers everywhere. Drawing on decades of field work and data collection and featuring the paintings of one of America’s finest bird artists, this classic work is an introduction, a reference, and most importantly, a natural history of Indiana’s birds, including over 390 species. Authors Russell E. Mumford and Charles E. Keller provide detailed information on each species, including the bird’s past and current status, the timing of migrations, the density and location of populations month by month, and the influence of habitat. Indispensable for the text alone, the paintings by William Zimmerman, one of America’s greatest bird artists, make the book a collector’s item that will be admired and appreciated for centuries. With a scientist’s eye and a craftsman’s skill, Zimmerman brings each of the 165 birds that nests in the state to life in lavish detail. Readers can almost feel the feathers—and the life force beneath them—in his birds. Each intricate painting reveals the plumage (including both male and female when there are significant differences), the nest and eggs, background habitat, and in many cases a wildflower or two.

A work of art as well as science, The Birds of Indiana belongs in any and every collection of bird books. No ornithologist or casual birder—expert or beginner—in Indiana, the Midwest, or the eastern United States can afford to be without it. 

Author Bio

Russell E. Mumford is Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Management in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University. Widely known throughout Indiana as the state expert on birds and mammals, he is author of Waterfowl Management in Indiana and coauthor of Mammals of Indiana. His hobbies include fly fishing, nature photography, painting and drawing, and collecting antique fishing tackle.

Charles E. Keller is an ornithologist by avocation and lifelong training, a frequent contributor to Indiana Audubon Quarterly, an editor of American Birds, and coauthor of Indiana Birds and Their Haunts.

William Zimmerman (1937–2011), was one of America’s premier wildlife artists. On a scale with John James Audubon, Zimmerman illustrated many vital books, including Waterfowl of North America, The Life Histories of North American Woodpeckers, and The Birds of Indiana. He is renowned for his meticulous and lifelike detail.

Matt Williams is Director of Conservation Programs at the Nature Conservancy, where he has worked for more than 16 years, and is a specialist in prescribed fire and endangered species management. He is author and photographer of Indiana State Parks: A Centennial Celebration and Endangered Birds of the Midwest and photographer of The Complete Guide to Indiana State Parks.


“Drawing on decades of fieldwork and data collection and featuring the paintings of one of America's finest artists, this is truly a book for all seasons and all bird lovers. Though it is first and foremost a state bird book, the beauty of the paintings give it appeal far beyond the borders of Indiana.”

“This fine book sumptuously illustrated by one of America's premier bird artists, William Zimmerman, is a celebration of the birds that live in the heartland of our continent. Indiana boasts a state list of over 390 species, close to half of the avifauna of North America north of Mexico. . . . Of the 390-plus species on the Indiana list, 165 nest and reproduce in the state. These are portrayed by William Zimmerman's paintings which are artfully designed and meticulously executed in the best tradition of Audubon. This handsome publication is not intended to be a field guide. It goes far beyond that limited scope. Every birdwatcher and birder will treasure it and so will the lover or collector of fine books.”
 — Roger Tory Peterson, American naturalist, ornithologist, artist, and educator

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