Sinor Research Institute of Inner Asian Studies


Aspects of Altaic Civilization III - Volume 145

Proceedings of the Thirtieth Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference, Bloomington, Indiana, June 19-25, 1987

Denis Sinor


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The Early Mongols Language, Culture and History, 173

Studies in Honor of Igor de Rachewiltz on the Occasion of his 80th Birthday

Hardback  $54.00 

History of Cathay

A Translation and Linguistic Analysis of a Fifteenth-Century Turkic Manuscript

Beller-Hann, Ildiko

Hardback  $25.00 

Humanist Pietas:

The Panegyric of Ianus Pannonius on Guarinus Veronensis

Thomson, Ian

Paperback  $40.00 

Inner Asia, Volume 96

A Syllabus (Indiana University Uralic and Altaic Series)

Sinor, Denis

Paperback  $25.00 

A Kirghiz Reader

Zhen-hua, Hu; Imart, Guy

Hardback  $40.00 

The Mongols of the West, 148

Halkovic, Stephen A.Jr.

Paperback  $25.00