Historical Performance

New in 2018! Published annually, Historical Performance is a new, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the practical, performance side of musicological research. Extending from the middle ages to the early-twentieth century, Historical Performance examines the complexities inherent between the historical evidence of the sources—theory—and what we can adduce about the more ephemeral realizations of performance—practice—then and now.

The inaugural issue will highlight recent research directed toward historical improvisation, basso continuo studies, the French overture, the evidence of early- recorded sound, and historical performance today as it reflects modern “cultural capability.”

We welcome article submissions, particularly those that emphasize new methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches to performance practice studies, within or beyond the traditional Western canon.

Journal Details

  • Frequency: annual
  • ISSN: 2574-4151
  • eISSN: 2574-4178
  • Keywords: History, Music, Performance
  • First Issue: Volume 1 (2018)

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